Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"I am Catwoman....hear me Roar."

Last Halloween, Leah was a little, white lamb.  This year, she is going to be a Kitty.  The costume is courtesy of Old Navy, and she was really excited to see it in the store.  Then she ran away, well another direction.  A side note: its fun chasing someone with no comprehension of danger, a new appreciation for jogging, and the attention span of a gnat.

Dad told mom that he wasn't comfortable buying Leah items with her name on them (i.e. clothing or anything she would go out in public with).  You know, you don't want a stranger approaching her and using her name.  Having said that, we call out her name in public repeatedly.  "Leah, come here." "Leah, lets go this way." "Leah, that's yucks." "Yucks, Leah." "Leah, get that out of your mouth."  "Leah, SPIT THAT OUT!" (Maybe she should dress up as a goat for Halloween.)

[Posted by Dan] - tired.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

She keeps on going, and going, and going...

Leah has two things in common with the Energizer Bunny. First, she bangs out a good beat. Not on a drum but on the side of the tub.  Really.  The left hand has one beat and the right is doing something different.  She's a natural drummer.  

Second, she never stops moving.  NEVER. We have been taking walks almost every evening.  Leah is walking almost the entire distance, even up the big hill to get back home.  She's enjoying the neighborhood dogs, the cars, the "baby trees."  Then, when we all get home, the dogs collapse, mom and dad collapse, and Leah finds something else to do.  This is what happens when expectant mothers drink caffeine.

A side note: Leah turned 17 today (months, that is).   Her favorite word right now is "car."  This can't be a good omen for when she becomes a teenager.  

[Posted by Dan] I have to say this now. Its in the rules.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Baryshnikov, Eat Your Heart Out.

Leah has learned the fine art of dancing.  While she's not quite New York Ballet ready, she is plenty ready for MTV Spring Break. Her best move is the bum-shaker.  In fact, its her only move. But its cute, and she enjoys it. 

Also, we recently introduced Leah to Trix cereal.  Trix in turn introduced her to artificial food coloring.  Artificial food coloring has kindly, in turn introduced mom and dad to technicolor poop.  Its like a demented circle of life starting with a silly rabbit and ending with a disturbed parent.

Lastly, for the grandparents, you may have to listen closely for the subtle variations, but Leah knows some new sounds.  Such as "piggy", "vacuum", "cow", "monkey", and she is learning to say "car".  

(Posted by Dan)