Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Up to Speed

I've been a blog slacker. Oops. Let's update!

We're in the process of creating a playroom upstairs for Leah. Up until now, our upstairs rooms have mostly been used for storage. It was great to have a place to put things that was out of sight, out of mind... but it became a disaster. So, within the last month, we finally started going through everything, sorting it into categories of keep/donate/sell/trash. After pulling items I wanted to save for memory's sake, we now have a huge pile of Leah's old toys, clothes, and baby equipment that will either be sold in a consignment sale next month or will be donated. We even made $65 last week by bringing some needed items to a local baby consignment shop! Feels really good to get all this clutter out of our home and, in some cases, give them to someone else who can use them.

Dan has been working on scraping, sanding, and spackling the popcorn ceiling (ugh) and then he'll repaint the room white. We wanted to keep the walls basic while adding color with posters, new ceiling fans, curtains, fabric storage bins, and of course, Leah's toys. It's going to be exciting to see the finished product!

As for Leah herself, she's still as silly and bossy as ever. ;)  Though she still prefers to be in my company, she is becoming more outgoing with other little kids. At the park recently, she went right up to a couple other little girls, said, "My name is Leah", and started playing with them! When they left and other girls arrived, she joined them as well. I was proud of her confidence and so glad to see her initiate play.

Leah is also learning how to subtract... sort of. Awhile back, in order to help her learn numbers, Dan showed her on one hand how many days he had left to work. Together, they counted down until the weekend. "Daddy has to go to work three more days" and Leah would hold up the correct number of fingers. Now, after he's completed a day, she knows to take a finger away and then she'll tell us how many days he has left. It's cute. She may not recognize numbers by sight, but she can do this! ;)