Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Time!

Last weekend, we visited the pumpkin patch! Leah had such a blast walking around, trudging through the vines, picking up the smaller pumpkins, and taking a ride in the wheelbarrow courtesy of Daddy. We ended bringing home three larger pumpkins to carve, two little ones that Leah wanted to paint, and a jar of apple butter. Yum.

We spent Saturday evening cleaning out the seeds and pumpkin guts from the ones we wanted to carve. Leah dug her hands right in to help out just as she did last year. She seemed to enjoy squishing it all through her fingers.

These are our final products:
Momma carved the traditional jack-o-lantern face as well as what is supposed to be an owl on the far right. Daddy carved Stitch on that middle pumpkin, and Leah painted the small ones yellow and red. :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Autumn Activities

Autumn is here! Well, somewhat. We're still wearing sandals and t-shirts here in the South, but the summer humidity is gone and has been replaced by lovely breezes. And though it gets warm in the afternoon, our mornings and evenings are cool and relatively crisp. October is my favorite month here!

Naturally, we're spending a lot more time outside. Leah loves walking through the yard with her hunny pot collecting acorns, pinecones, and leaves. She gets very focused on her work, as you can see. Leah is such an outdoorsy girl and loves tramping through our wooded areas and exploring.

We've also been doing a LOT of chalk drawings on the driveway. Leah's abilities are always improving and lately, she's very interested in drawing faces or people. Or, if I draw something like a jack-o-lantern, she'll come up and add some arms and legs to him. She even added a face to the rainbow I drew last night. Super cute!