Sunday, June 2, 2013


From earlier in May:
Leah: What's that?
Me: Sauerkraut. It tastes really good on hot dogs.
Leah: Ooh, I want some.
Me: Really?
Leah: Yeah. I'm 5 years old now, I have to try a lot of things.

(Yup, she did like it!)

Upon seeing a dead, headless lizard by the car:
Me: Maybe an animal ate his head?
Leah: I'm going to find that animal and eat HIS head!

And excuse this one but Dan & I found it hilarious:
Leah: My belly hurts.
Me: Maybe you need to poop.
Leah: I don't poop in the morning! I poop at dinner time.

Haha! So matter of fact... and she is correct!