Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Water Baby

This past Friday, when the weather was 88 and humid, with blazing sunshine, Leah figured out how to cool off: dump water on her head. :) She loves playing with her water table and on that day, she realized how to make it work for her. As you can tell, she cracked herself up in the process! Leah continued to do this throughout the weekend when she was feeling, I don't know, warm? Playful? Silly? And yesterday, she took to lifting her shirt and pouring the water on her belly. Ha! She's a funny one.

Despite how much Leah loves playing outside, taking walks, and shoveling sand in her sandbox, she has become very freaked out by bugs and dirt. If there's even the teeniest little gnat or fly on something of hers, you better shoo it or kill it. She will not touch anything near it until the bug is gone. And for such a hands-on, outdoorsy kinda girl, I am rather surprised by the dirt hatred. She'll hold her hands up and say, "Dirty!" until they're wiped. Again, if there's even a speck of dead grass or anything on her slide or in the water table, she will not play until it's cleaned up. I suppose it's better to have a child who prefers cleanliness over messiness, right? Heck, with her parents, that was pretty much inevitable. Except, why can't this girl clean up her dumped box of crayons? ;)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Mystery is Solved!

For a few weeks now, Leah had been saying something that eerily sounded like, "F***, s***." It was so bizarre. Dan and I couldn't figure it out. Sure, we've messed up here and there and said a curse word in front of her but never both of those back to back like that. Were we horrible parents? Was she picking up on these words and putting them together for the heck of it?

Thankfully, we found the answer this week: she's really saying "Five, six"! The Wiggles have a few songs where they count, and one of Leah's new favorites is about a chicken with SIX little chicks and they count them twice in the song. Ah-ha! Now that we've figured this out, we can clearly hear Leah saying, "One, two, five, six!" (She doesn't seem to care for three or four, oddly enough.) ;) We are quite relieved about this one.