Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Video Share

Since I've neglected the blog recently, for Thanksgiving and Christmas prep (almost done shopping!), I thought I would at least pop on here and provide you with some recent photos and videos. :)  Happy Thanksgiving!

Dancing to the Wiggles

Amused by pushing her bike; notice the dogs in this one. ;)

Talking to the little ants crawling along the driveway.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You want candy?

This is Leah's new thing. She'll come up to me or to Dan and ask, "You want candy?" We say, "No, do you want candy?" She answers, "Okay!" like she wasn't the one who suggested it and we're actually offering it to her. And she gets a HUGE grin on her face. Heh. She's a stinker. She also does this when she wants a tastykake.

The time change has gone relatively well. Leah's daily schedule has pretty much been moved up an hour, which is great for us. I'm an early riser and typically showered & dressed before Dan leaves for work anyway, so I don't mind Leah starting her day earlier as well. Then, we can all get to bed earlier too! (Yes, I am an old lady and I don't care. Ha ha.) For some odd reason, she's always in a more pleasant mood when she naps earlier (1-3 as opposed to 2-4), so this is another bonus with shifting her routine.

And lastly, Leah finally knows all her colors! A couple days ago, she was pointing out colors on a pair of socks or something, and in addition to getting blue and pink correct, she even knew white. I was so impressed. I still don't think she's too familiar with black, but for the last several days, she seems to have all the other basics down now. Yay. :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Finally got all the pictures uploaded, so we can talk about Halloween. :)

Momma woke Leah from her nap that day around 4:30pm. Boy oh boy, what a grump she was! Leah has her moments, but this was probably the grumpiest she had been in a long time. She wanted to go play outside, then come back inside, then go back out again... whining the whole time. Ugh. We weren't even sure if we'd make it to trick-or-treating.

Thankfully, after some dinner, Leah perked up. She played for a little bit and then we got her dressed in her costume: Jessie the Cowgirl from Toy Story. Her mood started to deteriorate, however, when Momma took too long trying to find an appropriate shirt to go underneath the costume (so that the tags wouldn't irritate her and set her off more!).

Daddy saved the day by taking Leah back outside to play a bit before we left for trick-or-treat. Momma, Grammy, and Grandpa all came outside to take pictures. Leah wasn't feeling the cowgirl hat though. Daddy helped her out with that, and sported the hat throughout trick-or-treat. ;)

Since our neighborhood is pretty rural and spread out, we piled in the car and drove to the neighborhood we visited last year. It had come with a good recommendation from a co-worker, though with Leah being only 18 months old last year, we only hit a small handful of houses before leaving. This year started out about the same as last; it was fairly quiet as we began trick-or-treating around 6:30pm while it was still light out. Leah seemed to enjoy herself, though she was too shy to say "Trick-or-treat", which we pretty much expected. She did say thank you and bye to pretty much every homeowner though, so we were proud! And she made sure to talk to every dog that she encountered. :)

Then, the neighborhood became a zoo. As it grew darker, the amount of trick-or-treaters increased... as did the amount of cars slowly driving through the neighborhood alongside their kids. Clearly, this place has a reputation! Unfortunately, we noticed several kids (especially older/preteen ones) walking through yards, not saying thank you, and trying to grab handfuls of candy. Later, as we were on the way back to our parked car, some 11 or 12 year old boy came up behind Dan, who was holding Leah, and reached his hand into her bucket to take her candy!!! Momma yanked that kid's hand out so fast and asked him what he was doing. His mother (we assume) came up then, apologized, told us he was autistic, and called for him to come over to her. Whatever he was, he should've had an adult with him at all times. No one takes candy from a two year old; especially not MY two year old.

Needless to say, we will not be going back to this neighborhood. It was just too crazy. We felt bad, then, for the homeowners there and that we were trick-or-treating in their neighborhood. Even if we were being polite and respectful, it seemed a shame. So, I'm not sure what the plan will be for next year. Maybe a friend's neighborhood or something.

All in all, Leah seemed to have a good time. She got a modest amount of candy and a fun-size bag of popcorn (that she would not allow in her candy bucket! Ha ha!). She had several pieces of candy when we returned home, and has had a few more pieces each day since. Her favorites seem to be Reese's peanut butter cups, Whoppers, Milky Way, and Skittles.

More pictures, for the fun of it: