Monday, June 29, 2009

New Things

I was hoping to write up a big post yesterday, and include some pictures, but my little stinker didn't nap! She took one teeny catnap (maybe 20 minutes long) in the car on the way to meet the new caregiver. That's IT. She was up from 7:30am to 8:30pm. I don't know how she did it because I was tired by 7:00 last night! lol Thankfully, she was happy and pleasant all day, and really, all weekend. Leah's top two molars have come all the way through the gums and her mood has significantly improved. She's back to being our fun, silly monkey. :)

So, like I mentioned, we met with the new caregiver - Sarah. Everything went well and I really liked a lot of what she had to say. She has two young kids of her own, ages 6 and 4, and they were very interested in Leah (maybe a little too much, as they kept wanting to touch her!) and Leah was fascinated by them as well. The most telling thing, for me, was the fact that Leah seemed comfortable pretty quickly. She was babbling to the kids, she smiled at Sarah, she played with a few toys, and even let us set her down on the floor without freaking out. Granted, Dan & I were still there but I was very encouraged by her comfort level. I don't doubt that the separation anxiety will come out, but I do think this home environment will be so much better in the long run.

Sarah is in the process of moving (her house was still full of boxes) so she asked if we could give her a week to finish setting up. We're already paid up at the daycare center through this week so that's no big deal. Dan is off on Friday for the holiday weekend so Leah only has 4 days left anyway. :)

Over the past week or so, Leah's really been demonstrating her understanding of a bunch of things. She tries to blow kisses. When you ask if you can go change her diaper, she starts walking toward her bedroom. :) Yesterday, she handed me a toy cup and said "Ba!" to tell me that she wanted her sippy cup. We're working on identifying body parts and she definitely knows her belly. She's getting the hang of mouth and nose, and sometimes her feet. She also knows that I usually put my flip flops on before we go outside because she pointed to them the other day and started waving bye! I love all this cuteness. :)

Monday, June 22, 2009


Dan & I have made the decision to search out in-home childcare for Leah.

On Friday, I received another call at work from the daycare stating that Leah had a low-grade fever of 100. I explained that it's related to her molars coming in, that even her doctor said so last week. I asked if she had any other symptoms. They said she hadn't eaten or drank much at breakfast. Ugh, of course not, because her mouth HURTS! Still, they said, "Well you just never know" (YES, we DO know!) and "Could you come pick her up?" Grrrrr.

I ended up asking them if she could stay there to nap since it was coming up on naptime. They said yes and asked if someone could get her afterwards. Because it was Friday and we were VERY busy, and Dan was by himself in his office, I didn't even get over there until 3:45. One of the teachers was like, "She's been so lethargic all day."

Well, I get Leah in the car and take her to Walmart to kill a little bit of time before we could pick up Dan from work. She was FINE! I touched her head and she didn't feel warm at all. She perked up when we walked through the toy aisles and she was babbling away. Overall, she was great all weekend. She had a few freak-outs, which were most likely teething related but it was clear to us that she was happy and in a pretty pleasant mood for the most part.

So, not only are Dan & I fed up with this daycare calling us for what seems like every little thing (and using up a bunch of sick time!) but we think the transition to the toddler room has really, really upset Leah more than we first realized. If she seems lethargic all day but perks up as soon as she's with us, could she be depressed? As I thought about it further, I took note of Leah's moods when we pick her up each day...

Drop-off has always been trying. We do notice a difference, which we thought was simply due to unfamiliarity with the new teachers. She used to whine or fuss just a bit in the infant room and would quiet down usually before Dan & I even left. Now, she full out WAILS at dropoff. Despite the fussing at dropoff in the infant room, Leah would be very happy and cheerful at pick-up. She'd babble, smile, wave bye to the teachers, etc. Now, in the toddler room, she will start crying as soon as she sees us at pickup. She points to the door and doesn't wave bye to anyone. She clearly just wants to get out of there.

Bottom line, we don't think she's happy. And sure, she may adjust over time as she gets to know these teachers. But then what? She'll move up to another room, and then another room, only to start this whole cycle all over again. We don't want that for her.

So, the next most logical option appears to be in-home childcare where Leah will have one caregiver over several years until she's ready for school. She can grow attached to one person, just like she did with Chandre, but won't have to keep swapping around.

I already found one woman who seems very promising. She has 5 kids of her own, has 28 years experience, and has had in-home daycare for years. When I emailed her, she responded very promptly with her own forms to fill out, background info, policies/procedures, etc. She only takes 4 children and has 2 right now. Dan & I are hoping to meet with her sometime this week. She also doesn't send kids home unless their fever hits 102 degrees, which usually indicates some type of infection!

I truly do think this would be the best option for Leah. It would be another transition but in the long run, it would be so beneficial. She'd be in a quiet home instead of a daycare and she'd get a LOT of individual attention. The only downside is if the caregiver gets sick or something, then there's really no backup. But we think it would be worth it for Leah's sake. Pretty much all of the moms I've talked to who use in-home childcare are VERY happy with their decisions for the reasons I've mentioned.

So, that's where we are right now. Dan & I are very gung-ho about this and are hoping that maybe we call pull Leah out of the center by the 4th of July. As always, I'll keep you posted.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A few pics of Miss Trouble

Here is my troublemaker a few days ago... she was interested in the video camera bag and wanted to pick it up. I told her no and then turned away for a few minutes. Next thing I know, she's walking past me with the thing around her neck. LOL And then she couldn't get it off and threw a mini-fit. ;)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Little Normalcy

After a week of whininess, Leah was finally acting more cheerful last night. The only freak out she had was when she was finished eating and wanted to get out of her highchair while Dan & I were still eating our dinner. Otherwise, she played nicely, toddled around the house, babbled, and was more like her usual self. She's still waking up at night due to the teething pain, but that's pretty normal according to various websites and other moms.

The morning dropoff at daycare is still pretty rough. Leah cries every morning, though the teachers say she's fine within a couple minutes after we leave. Dan & I have attributed some of this to a variety of caregivers that have been there first thing. The lead teacher, Teresa was out for a few weeks after having surgery and has just returned this week. Up until then, there were several floaters who would take her place and I think it just added to Leah's stress and confusion about the transition. One morning, we had to hand her over to Sabrina, the lead teacher from her old room, and she was fine before we even made it out the door - I think because Sabrina was familiar and it was like her old routine. Now that Teresa is back, I'm hoping it will help give Leah some stability and predicatability for dropoff.

That being said, Leah has been with Chandre several afternoons this week when I've gone to pick her up. :) I love knowing that Chandre is looking out for her and that Leah feels secure with her. Chandre said it'll just take time since Leah doesn't adjust to change easily. Gee, I wonder where she gets that from! ;)

On a lighter note, Dan was teaching Leah to give treats to the dogs a little on Sunday and then again yesterday. She really got the hang of it yesterday and kept reaching into the treat bin for more... I think Dodge loves her even more now. lol And we both think it's important for Hud to receive treats from her, so that he continues to warm up to her and respect her as a member of the "pack".

We're looking forward to our visit with Popel this weekend! It's going to be SUPER hot too so we'll have to try out the kiddie pool again. I also have a bunch of pictures I'd like to try to post as soon as I get the chance.

We'd also like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Uncle Ryan for graduating high school! Woo hoo! :D

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Would you like some cheese...

...with that whine? 

Leah is SO WHINY! Oh my goodness. I think it's gotta be the molars. That combined with her putting on a show for me to get my attention (she doesn't do this for ANYONE else!). I'm hoping it's the molars anyway, so that we can return to some type of "normal" pleasant behavior once they're through. Oy! 

Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Colds are the Worst

The fever ended up being a precursor to a really bad cold. I took off work again on Thursday and Dan is at home with Leah today. Stuffy nose, coughing, and just generally whiny and clingy. It probably doesn't help that those molars are coming in too, so I'm sure she's in some pain. Poor girl. :(

I tried to upload some recent photos to Snapfish the other day and for whatever reason, it only uploaded two and then quit on me. Ugh. I'll try again this weekend. I know I'm way behind on that!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Leah & I are home again today. She had a low-grade fever (100.5) yesterday afternoon at daycare and they said she was pulling at her ears a lot. So, I had to go pick her up and was able to get right in for an appointment at the pediatrician's office. While he was examining her, he could see her two top molars starting to come in (and I finally saw them too) so he thinks that's where her fever stems from as well as the ear-pulling since there's no sign of infection or anything else. And after giving her some Motrin, she seems absolutely fine.

However, because of the fever, she's not allowed back to daycare for 24 hours. :P  Such a pain when it's just teething. Still, it's nice to have an extra day at home. And maybe an explanation as to why Leah's been extra whiny. ;)

She was so pleasant and happy on Sunday though, which I told Dan was probably our anniversary present from her. Ha ha. He & I actually got to go out on a date while my friend Marcela watched Leah. She freaked out a little when we started to leave, but apparently was very good the rest of the time (sounds like daycare). It was very refreshing for us to go enjoy a nice meal without picking toys up off the floor or trying to entertain an impatient toddler. :)

I got a decent video of her walking around the family room the other day that I'm going to try to upload today. Be on the lookout!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tantrums Galore!

Leah has discovered the power of her own voice. Things she may have simply whined about just a couple weeks ago (mostly to do with not getting her own way!) are now met with full-out, blood-curdling screams. Last night was the worst tantrum I've seen yet.

It began when she toppled onto some blocks. I think it scared her more than anything and she freaked out. She sat in my lap for a few minutes while I tried to comfort her. However, instead of calming down, she continued to freak out and squirm out of my arms so I decided to let her lay on the floor and get it out of her system. Essentially, I ignored her. I walked into the kitchen to start dinner. I peeked back into the family room and she was sitting there, looking at me, and crying to get my attention.

She continued crying even when Dan picked her up and tried to console her. When dinner was ready, I put her in the highchair and she quieted down for a couple minutes to eat. I left the room for a second and she immediately started freaking out again! This continued the entire time we ate dinner. I knew all she wanted was for me to hold her but I refused to give in.

Once I finished eating, I picked her up and she was alright for a couple minutes. She had another freak-out when I tried playing with her in the family room. No idea why. Eventually, she got over it and started playing and babbling again as usual. I think she screamed for almost a solid hour total. Oy. I felt sorry for the dogs and their sensitive ears!

Dan said it best this morning - she's putting on a show for me. She does it at daycare too. She'll cry and scream and reach for me as we're leaving, but just a minute after we walk out of the room, she's perfectly fine! I think she's already learned that I tend to give in to her. So, it's time to set some boundaries for the long term. I just didn't think we'd have to start doing so at almost 14 months!

As a side note, her fever must've been some type of flu strain. Dan and I both got it over the weekend, though Dan felt way worse than I did. We all took a sick day on Monday.