Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You want candy?

This is Leah's new thing. She'll come up to me or to Dan and ask, "You want candy?" We say, "No, do you want candy?" She answers, "Okay!" like she wasn't the one who suggested it and we're actually offering it to her. And she gets a HUGE grin on her face. Heh. She's a stinker. She also does this when she wants a tastykake.

The time change has gone relatively well. Leah's daily schedule has pretty much been moved up an hour, which is great for us. I'm an early riser and typically showered & dressed before Dan leaves for work anyway, so I don't mind Leah starting her day earlier as well. Then, we can all get to bed earlier too! (Yes, I am an old lady and I don't care. Ha ha.) For some odd reason, she's always in a more pleasant mood when she naps earlier (1-3 as opposed to 2-4), so this is another bonus with shifting her routine.

And lastly, Leah finally knows all her colors! A couple days ago, she was pointing out colors on a pair of socks or something, and in addition to getting blue and pink correct, she even knew white. I was so impressed. I still don't think she's too familiar with black, but for the last several days, she seems to have all the other basics down now. Yay. :)


  1. She sounds like she has a sweet tooth ;) Veronika loves cookies & candy more than I can explain. =)

  2. Yes, Leah has a HUGE sweet tooth! Just like her momma. ;)