Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Recap (Finally!)

Our third Christmas with Leah was wonderful! Every year is the new best Christmas as she becomes more aware and increases her vocabulary and excitement.

Despite the discomfort from the urinary tract infection that she was diagnosed with three days before Christmas, Leah certainly enjoyed opening gifts, playing with new toys, and generally spending a relaxing day at home.

When I walked into her bedroom on Christmas morning, I told her, "Looks like Santa came last night; there are a lot of presents out there..." to which she replied, "Okay!" and immediately stood up in her crib. :)

After we walked into the living room and Leah surveyed the loot, the first gift she opened was the one from "Bolt". She noticed that her Bolt was sitting in the new tent and we told her that Bolt must've sent a present with Santa. She snuggled her new stuffed Mittens and Rhino. It was sweet!

Leah received a lot of fantastic new toys, some including favorite characters from "Toy Story" and "Cars". In the past week and a half since the holiday, she has really seemed to give all her new toys equal play time and enjoys everything. Dorothy and Wags from The Wiggles do seem to be favorites though, as they accompany her to nap and bedtime everyday. And, as Daddy pointed out, we now finally have more Wiggles DVDs than Barney ones! Woo hoo!

Some additional Christmas photos:

What made this Christmas even more magical was snowfall that began in the evening. Dan and I could hardly believe it! Having a white Christmas is a rarity even in Pennsylvania so neither of us ever thought we'd experience one here in the south. At about 8pm, when the snow had been coming down for about two hours and was sticking to everything, we bundled up and trekked outside to check it out. Our Christmas lights looked even more exciting with snow falling all around!

When we woke up the next day, it was snowing again and continued until just before noon. All in all, we received probably 3-4 inches, which was just enough to play in and marvel at for the holiday weekend. :)

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