Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Steps to Learning

On Saturday night, Leah very proudly wrote her name all by herself! YAY!!!  She had been writing each of the letters just moments earlier, so I grabbed some chalk and wrote them in order to spell "Leah", talking about which one came next. She said, "I can do it, I can do it!" and promptly wrote what you see here. I am so proud! Yesterday, I saw her playing with the alphabet magnets on the fridge and she correctly spelled out her name again. This is a great step! Mostly, I'm so glad she has an interest in trying to write her letters and figure this stuff out.

Leah has also developed a love of books, which really makes me happy! We used to read books together sporadically, and at random times of day. So, a few months ago, I decided we really needed to incorporate a story before bedtime. Leah caught on after one night and was asking to read a book! Partly, I think she loved the excuse to delay bedtime a few more minutes but hey, it worked. ;)  She is now familiar with lots of books, loves a few certain characters that we read over & over, quotes lines from some of the stories, and gets excited about bringing different books home from the library. I am so thrilled!


  1. Way to go Leah! We need to talk pre-k homeschooling. Are you doing anything "official" in the fall, or waiting one more year?

  2. Yes, we're starting in the fall! I figure since that's when she would've gone to Pre-K, that's when I'll start a short, daily school routine. I am so excited you're going to homeschool too! :)