Sunday, October 4, 2009

My child is a . . . Super Hero!

A stand-up comic named Daniel Tosh has a bit about a real-life child who can't feel pain, and how he would make a terrible parent for someone with this condition. Mock calling his wife, he says, "Honey, I broke our daughter's arm an hour ago, and she hasn't tapped out yet.  Our child is a superhero!"  

Fortunately, Leah does not put her dad in this situation of mistaking a life-threatening disability with super strength. (He would fail that test.)  Unfortunately, Leah has a different super power.  Well, two powers, but we've exhausted the 'Blinking is all the sleep she needs' power.  Her second power is the ability to be loud. No, make that very LOUD. Leah screams.  When she's happy, she screams. Its earth-shattering.  When she's sad, she screams, but she actually builds it up.  Her mouth will hang open, and its the quiet before the storm.  Then, all that air she just sucked up, comes projectile vomiting out in a torrent of ear-splitting decibels.  Her superhero name should be Banshee or The Deafener.  Her costume should have a bullhorn on the belt buckle.

Life with Leah and two energetic dogs is a constant ballet.  When she starts her screaming, we have to tend to her, and at the same time, run to make sure that Dodge isn't filling the tub while Hud is grabbing an electric appliance to bring in the bathroom.  Their poor doggy ears.

[By Dan]-"huh? say again."

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