Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All I need for Christmas

Dear Santa,

I've been looking at all the holiday circulars in the paper, and paying real close attention to all the commercials during my shows.  I really enjoy the playsets I've seen.  The attention to detail is uncanny, and the realism in these toys is remarkable.  I gave a great deal of consideration to the vacuum cleaner toy, and of course the wide variety of kitchen playsets are tough to choose from.  Of course, how could I forget the mini ball bounces, sand boxes, jungle gyms, and all those great toys to climb on.  

However, I will forgo the lengthy list of toys from your work shop in the North Pole. I'm going to request one thing; padding.  Lots of padding.  Not for me. For my daddy, my doggies, and my mama.  They are much more fun for climbing and playing on than any toy.  So, please Santa, provide my family with all of the extra cushioning and protection your little elves can load on that sleigh. 

They need it.  

With Warm Regards, Leah.

P.S. Dad wants a cup.  What is that?

P.P.S. Why is your work shop called "China"?

(posted by Dan)

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  1. Good one Dan. Love the workshop called China!! So true. haha Anne