Sunday, December 6, 2009

I love you...

...You love me.  This is what Barney's taught me:

For those of you who ever watched Boris Karloff play Frankenstein's monster, you really didn't appreciate it until you saw Bela Lugosi try the same.  When greatness is mimicked, you really only then understand the subtleties and the effort that go into creating that greatness.  Sesame Street is great.  It caters to all ages, breaks ground, and stands the test of time.  Barney is Bela Lugosi staggering around with his arms outstretched and an unexplained smile on his big monster face.

You can make a television show, DVD, and music video without so much as sound editing, select camera angles, or rehearsing.  

Barney is the soy of the kid's programming world.  Empty substance.

Barney is a rule-breaker.  For example, the statement was made (and firmly believed) that "Leah is not going to be put in front of the t.v. We're going to interact with her, and let her explore her environment...blah, blah, blah."  Now, we eagerly pull her little chair in front of the t.v.

Leah is a great dancer.

Leah sitting in front of the t.v. does not necessarily mean laundry is getting folded.  In fact, laundry may need folding, dishes washed, dogs fed. Mom and Dad are slumped on the couch.

Baby-Bop has a really annoying voice.  Its like someone crammed Fran Drescher into a four-foot tall dinosaur costume.

Leah will learn the words for what she really likes, exceptionally fast.  Ranking them, Barney is second only to candy.

Barney does not have to be watched.  He only needs to be "on."  Then everything is right in the world.

And lastly, for now:
It doesn't take long to learn the words to the songs.  For example, without looking: "Its cold, burr. I wish I was a bear. I wish had hair like a furry, furry bear."

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