Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hard to Get

Lately, Leah is fascinated by and obsessed with Hud. She follows him around, she talks to him, she tries her hardest to pet him or cuddle him. She tells us that Hud's a good boy.

As many of you are aware, Hud has always been the more standoffish dog with Leah. He never snapped at her, was never mean or aggressive. Quite simply, he was the first "baby" in our lives and I don't think he's ever quite gotten over having to share the spotlight or our affection with both Dodge and Leah. Dodge, on the other hand, is a big lovey boy. Leah knows she can cuddle with him, get kisses from him, or bother him all she wants and he doesn't mind a bit. He's easy.

But Hud. Oh, that Hud is hard to get.

Only in recent months has he been alright with Leah petting him or putting her arm around him; he'll even initiate a sniff or a kiss (though whether he's doing that for our praise or because he actually likes Leah, one may never know ;) ). It may have taken him longer, but he's coming around. Slowly, but surely.

Still, we can't help but wonder... will Leah be going after the hard-to-get boys? Ditching the good-natured, lovable guys for those elusive loners?

She sure seems to love a challenge.

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