Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Miss Bossy Pants

You can pretty much guess what I'm going to say with the title of this post. Yes, Leah is turning all her wonderful vocabulary into commands:

"Momma clean up."
"Daddy stand up."
"Daddy go way." (while pointing wherever she wants him to go)
"Momma make food."

And the list goes on. To give her the benefit of the doubt, she does have a limited vocabulary, so she can't yet say, "Momma, can you help me clean up please?" or "Daddy, I want to you stand up with me." I get it; it makes sense when you think of it in that way.

But boy, her tone of voice... sounds like a command. And it gets old. Fast. So, we've started using her favorite word. No. ;)

This girl SO knows how to get me though, to piggyback off of "One More Time". One of her new phrases is "Lookin' good!" She says it when I change her clothes, or when she puts a hairband or hat on my head. A few days ago, she was pretending to talk on the phone (calculator) and at the end of her "conversation", she said, "Love you too" and looked right at me, like she just knew I was going to think that was adorable. She was right, little stinker.

And then, on Monday, we're in Kroger. She's sitting in the cart and at one point, I must've leaned close to her, so she grabs me, pulls me into a hug, and says something that I usually say to her, "You're the best." I nearly cried in the middle of the grocery store.

That's probably the coolest thing a boss has ever said to me. :)

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