Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dress Up

Leah has a new obsession: dresses. She wants to wear a dress or a skirt everyday (unless they're all in the laundry basket and I tell her she has to choose something else) and often wears multiple dresses a day, thanks to all her costumes and tutus. We recently sold a bunch of baby items in a local consignment sale and at the preview sale, I bought her three dresses, one of which is pictured to the left. She calls this one her Minnie Mouse dress because of the red with white polka dots! I love how happy and proud she looks. :)

Leah is also obsessed with shoes. (She is so my child. Ha.) Or, maybe I should say, she's obsessed with ONE pair of shoes. We picked out some new shoes and sandals last week. Her favorite pair are pink & sparkly with little bows on the front - similar to the ruby slippers, only pink and flat - and Leah has worn them constantly since we got home. She puts them on with her dresses, wears them on errands, wears them outside, even wears them with her pajamas on occasion. The only time we can get her to wear sneakers is when we've gone to the Botanical Gardens or when it's wet/muddy outside after it's rained. And the new sandals I bought? They're sitting in her room, untouched. Oh boy.

Playing dress-up and role-playing her favorite Disney characters is currently her favorite thing to do, as you can probably guess. She impressed me recently with her creativity. She has the store-bought costumes for Snow White, Rapunzel, and Belle so, naturally, it's clear who she is when those outfits are on. But one day, while wearing a new yellow dress that we picked up at the consignment sale, she also added her white mittens and told me she was Jane.
Jane from Tarzan.

Awesome! We've watched that movie quite a bit recently (totally underrated Disney movie, by the way. Music by Phil Collins is amazing!) and Dan & I were rather excited that Leah chose to emulate such a cool, intelligent female character like Jane and that she put the outfit together herself. 


  1. She is such a cutie! I enjoyed your update. How is the homeschooling going? Are you doing any preschool stuff this year, or just waiting until she is a bit older?

    1. Thank you!

      I'm waiting until the fall to officially start, when she would've gone into Pre-K. Right now, just reading books, counting different items, going over letters here & there, etc.