Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Leah's new playroom is, for the most part, complete! Dan finished the painting and installation of the new ceiling fans a couple weeks ago. We spent a couple days moving most of her toys upstairs and organizing/setting them up. Then, this past weekend, we flip-flopped the layout of the room again! Seems to flow better now.

We still have a few items to add: a kid-size table & chairs for coloring/crafts, some additional posters or decor for the walls, a small TV stand, and a large chair for the far corner (underneath the Pooh poster) for an adult to sit. Maybe one of those nets you can string up in a corner to hold stuffed animals. I also bought a corkboard for displaying Leah's "masterpieces" that still needs to be hung on the wall.

Still, it is pretty much good to go! Leah loves playing up there, sometimes wanting one or both of us with her and other times telling us, "I'm going upstairs. Please don't check me."  Yes, ma'am! Enjoy! I think it's one of the best rooms in the house!

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  1. the colors are very visual and imaginative.glad to have checked it out. your concept is exceptional.