Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Little Normalcy

After a week of whininess, Leah was finally acting more cheerful last night. The only freak out she had was when she was finished eating and wanted to get out of her highchair while Dan & I were still eating our dinner. Otherwise, she played nicely, toddled around the house, babbled, and was more like her usual self. She's still waking up at night due to the teething pain, but that's pretty normal according to various websites and other moms.

The morning dropoff at daycare is still pretty rough. Leah cries every morning, though the teachers say she's fine within a couple minutes after we leave. Dan & I have attributed some of this to a variety of caregivers that have been there first thing. The lead teacher, Teresa was out for a few weeks after having surgery and has just returned this week. Up until then, there were several floaters who would take her place and I think it just added to Leah's stress and confusion about the transition. One morning, we had to hand her over to Sabrina, the lead teacher from her old room, and she was fine before we even made it out the door - I think because Sabrina was familiar and it was like her old routine. Now that Teresa is back, I'm hoping it will help give Leah some stability and predicatability for dropoff.

That being said, Leah has been with Chandre several afternoons this week when I've gone to pick her up. :) I love knowing that Chandre is looking out for her and that Leah feels secure with her. Chandre said it'll just take time since Leah doesn't adjust to change easily. Gee, I wonder where she gets that from! ;)

On a lighter note, Dan was teaching Leah to give treats to the dogs a little on Sunday and then again yesterday. She really got the hang of it yesterday and kept reaching into the treat bin for more... I think Dodge loves her even more now. lol And we both think it's important for Hud to receive treats from her, so that he continues to warm up to her and respect her as a member of the "pack".

We're looking forward to our visit with Popel this weekend! It's going to be SUPER hot too so we'll have to try out the kiddie pool again. I also have a bunch of pictures I'd like to try to post as soon as I get the chance.

We'd also like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Uncle Ryan for graduating high school! Woo hoo! :D

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