Friday, May 15, 2009

Ba-ba History?

I may be jinxing myself by writing this but I think we may be done with bottles! Leah hasn't shown a whole lot of interest in them lately so last night, Dan poured a bedtime sippy instead of a bottle. She took it with no problem! I tried a sippy first thing this morning (wake-up and bedtime are the only bottles we've been doing anyway) and she wasn't quite going for that. Dan & I drove separately to work today, due to my late Fridays, and he put the sippy next to Leah for the ride. I'll find out later if it was successful or not. Still, just another step out of babyhood. :)

One of my new favorite things that Leah is doing is grabbing my hands and holding them above her head, indicating that she would like me to walk around with her. :) She's taking more and more steps on her own but she definitely enjoys walking super fast when one of us is holding her hands. Once she lets go for good, look out world! And look out, Hud and Dodge!

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  1. That's great about the bottles! We're still on 2 bottles but hoping to get rid of them by 18mos. I think Leah will be walking any day now :)