Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cool Treat

Leah had her first taste of ice cream yesterday. In all the heat and humidity, we took a little outing to Dairy Queen in the afternoon. As soon as Leah saw me eating a blizzard, she did what she usually does when she wants something you have... she pointed and said, "Eh?" ;) So, I gave her a teeny spoonful. The coldness definitely shocked her and her scrunched up face was priceless - I wish I had my camera! Still, that didn't deter her. She continued to eat a small portion of my blizzard. :D

This morning's drop-off in Tumblers didn't go nearly as bad as I thought. Leah babbled, started to play with a few toys, and waved at Lexie (her old pal who moved up a couple months ago). She only started to fuss when Dan and I waved goodbye and walked toward the door, but she quieted down pretty quickly when one of the teachers picked her up. Whew! I'm anxious to hear how the rest of her day went!

1 comment:

  1. Haha, I know the ice cream face, Veronika makes one too when she tastes it... it never fails, the cold always shocks them.
    I hope the daycare goes well for her.