Monday, May 25, 2009

What are you looking at?

This is the face we've been seeing all weekend. Grumpy. More specifically, it's the face she keeps giving Dan. We have no idea why but almost everytime he tries to talk to her or hold her, she just stares at him like this! However, if he's outside working on our new fence or playing with the dogs, then all she wants is Daddy. She's a moody one.

Leah's been sleeping a LOT lately. I almost wonder if it's all the walking she's doing, so she's tiring herself out. She took an almost four hour nap on Saturday, a three hour nap yesterday, and slept for about 13 hours last night. Wowza!

She mimics us now when either of us yawn. ;)  She'll open her mouth real wide and go "Ahhhhhh" in this soft voice. It's hysterical.

Her transition at daycare last week seemed to go well. She spent one hour in Tumblers on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Still, the hard part will be tomorrow when we drop her off in the new room. I'm not expecting a good reaction!

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