Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One More Time

When you have a child, especially a little girl, you get a lot of comments like, "Oh, I bet she has you wrapped around her little finger!"

I don't know if we've ever been those parents.

We try to set up various rules and routines, we do time-outs for misbehavior, and we let the grandparents do the spoiling. We've ignored "The Pout", because we knew it was a ploy for attention. Sure, we treat Leah to things every now and then. We let her run the show when it comes to what movie we're going to watch, or we use lollipops to help with a smooth grocery store trip. Still, for the most part, we try to set limits and stick to them.

Except for, "One more time."

Dan and I admit, we are both powerless to this one little phrase uttered by this adorable little girl in her sweet little voice with her cute little hand gesture. When she enjoys some activity, be it twirling with Daddy, getting tickled by Momma, or whatever else we've come up with that day, she will play this card mercilessly when one of us has said, "OK, that's enough for now" or "Let's take a break".

"One more time."

OK, you win. We will do whatever it is you want. Because that is just the most darling thing ever.

Her pronunciation has gotten much better within the last couple weeks, but it used to sound like, "Boo boo time."  Ah, the cuteness!

Spinning, twirling, tickling, plotting for world domination?  We're helpless. We're wrapped. Leah triumphs.


  1. So funny you post this because this morning I was going to start a topic in the PR with the same title because that's what Veronika is doing too. She makes this sad puppy dog look and goes, "one more time!" and you cannot say no to that. They're such monkeys.

  2. Ha ha, they are! So funny to hear Veronika's doing it too. :)