Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day in the Life

The April '08 message board I'm a part of has been doing a fun activity called "A Day in the Life of..." Those of us participating have been assigned a specific week where you choose a day and take photos throughout, illustrating your daily life. Leah and I did ours this past Tuesday, and I figured it would make for a good blog post too. It was a fairly typical day for us, and it will be interesting to look back on. :) Hope you enjoy.

This post is very, very picture heavy! Just click below...

Wake-up for me & Dan

Start the coffee while Dan showers

Dan and I both shower, get dressed, drink some coffee together, and then he's off to work. I then set out chicken to defrost for dinner
and enjoy some quiet time online before Leah wakes up

Leah finally wakes up

She likes to "hide" whenever you walk in her room now:

Ah, there's my Leah!

Leah decides on yogurt for breakfast

And I join her, along with my new favorite item, Nutella :D

Leah watches a little bit of Stuart Little while I water plants... some dishes that were soaking from last night's dinner...

and start some laundry...

It's now:

Leah plays with her trains for a little bit

Time to get dressed

Then we hop in the car

And make a trip to Target for diapers, since my coupons were going to expire!

Silly girl in my cart (with her blankie, of course!)

We get home and it's:

We have some outside playtime

Dodge thinks the water table is his dog bowl. :P

We have lunch around 11:30. This is Leah's:

And I have some leftover veggie pizza

Then, we watch a little Wiggles...

...while I fold laundry

And we play, wrestle, dance, and act silly together for a good while. :)

I love this shot :)

I decide to mop my hardwood floors

while Leah plays with her toys

After I finish, I realize she's peeling crayons. :P

Caught! ;)

She then plays with baby dolls and poses for me

Dodge decides to come sit right in front of me, so I realize he must need to go out

So, I go find Hud, who is napping on our bed like he does every afternoon and let the dogs out.

I fix Leah a snack

And then it's naptime!

Ah, and now there's silence in my house

So, I fix a little snack for myself, go online, make some phone calls, and research prepaid phones.

Then I start a little dinner prep while Leah's still asleep (chicken piccata & lemon spaghetti):

4:30, and naptime is over

Leah decides to watch a little Barney...

...while I cook dinner

Yay, Daddy's home!

We eat dinner

Then it's time for all the "kids" to go outside and play

She loves to play in the dirt

My little monkey in action

Proud of herself ;)

Spinning with Daddy!

Finally, a little more playtime inside

And then bathtime. "OK Mom, enough with the photos today!" LOL

We watch a little bit of "Bolt" before bedtime to unwind

Then Leah gathers up her animals and heads to bed!

It's now:

And I conclude my day with ice cream and a good book. :D

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